5 POINTS - WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE ESI and PF CONSULTANT in Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Indore, Saharanpur, J & K, Kashmir


Point 1: To Bifurcation Of the Salary:

Labor Law consultant advises you – how you can save money for your business. Salary of your employees can be bifurcate in such a way so that load of PF and ESI amount can be minimize. And all this practice is legal and acceptable by EPFO & ESIC departments.

Point 2: To Avoid Penalties & Notices:

Labor law compliance are mandatory and have to file every month so, there should not be delay in filling. Labor law consultant files in time limit with proper way. If companies forget filling then they face notices and penalties from labor departments too.

Point 3: To Minimise HR Cost in Company:

If company is large then labor law consultant handles all legal compliance and minimise burden of HR in company. As we know, any mistake in ESI / PF can penalise the company so we need to hire separate consultant for such duties.
And if company is small then hiring a HR is not necessary we can outsource all duties to labor law consultant and minimise the expenses of HR salary.

Point 4: To Know new Updates/Changes:

Both ESIC and EPFO departments do changes very quickly. For employers/business persons/HR, it is not possible to know all updates done by these bodies. Labour law consultant is that person who is dedicate to know such updates.

Point 4: For Genuine Legal Support:

Even after filling ESI/PF in proper way at time, Labor Law officers comes for inspection time to time in business premise or demands for certain documents.
Labor law consultant is that person who deals with these officers efficiently and resolve any issue.

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ESI / PF Registration & Consultancy:

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